The 50 old independent Lesotho lifts face of her only city

Lesotho, celebrating 50th of independence from Britain is busy erecting mammoth structures, that even the proprietorsmallest can’t guarantee their completion before the independence date of October 4, 2016.

The other issue that has been troubling the citizens is the cost of the structures and whether they are indeed a worthwhile investment in the light of poverty that the kingdom has been experiencing since her independence, through various administions that include, a democratic, an autocratic,  military junta and another democracy.

Lesotho is not only poor, she is also gripped with alarming numbers of HIV/AIDS infections,  tuberculosis suffers, next to nothing agricultural production, over dependence on foreign aid, high crime rate, poor criminal justice system, high unemployment to mention but a few of the mountainous kingdom’s owes.

It is obvious that the structures in this article could be costing the taxpayers millions of US Dollars yet the powers that be are economical with information,  regarding the burden they may put on the shoulders of the citizenry. Mohlomphehi Mohlophisi e Moholo