As we get into the festive season

I wrote this piece two years ago. I still stand the words in it. If I were to write it again I repeat all words in it.

If you like it, feel free to send it further and further, comment on it, let me hear your views.

“The festive season is just around the corner.

This is the time of year when people of all ages will be tasting all sorts of good and bad things, some for the first and last time.

Some will be attending weddings for the first time and come back with mixed feelings about life.

Some will be attending musical bashes for the first time and never have time to attend the second because they would have walked into their death traps and died.

Some will be driving their first cars, rather unfortunately it will be their death traps, because of drunken road users who will just crash into their vehicles and cause fatalities and destruction.

Some will crash their very own vehicles for the very reasons of speeding, drinking and driving, etc, etc.

Some will crash their vehicles out of fatique and exhaustion, after driving long distances without proper rest.

Some will taste a police cell for the first time, then a cell for trialists, then a cell for convicts which will then become their place of permanance thereafter.

Some will taste uprotected sex for the first time, then acquire HIV and AIDS or any other sexually transmitted deseases.

Some will loose their virginity, get pregnant, their men walk out on them, living them in the misery of an uplanned pregnancy, leading to school drop-out and family rejection.

So many bad and good things will be happening as they had been happening in previous years.

Others will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time and be saved from their sins, then become new creations, brothers and sisters of Jesus of Nazareth.

I pray that you be the one, if not one already, who will submit to authority of Jesus Christ.

May the grace of The Love of God, and Grace of Lord Jesus Christ, and Communion of The Holy Spirit be with you and keep you safe always.

I love you dear.