Basotho need to rise up to the challenge

Some 200 hundred years ago, Lesotho was invaded by the Boer Trekkers who after a long struggle with Moshoeshoe and Basotho, ended up robbing Basotho of their largest piece of minerals rich territories, the present day Free State and Matatiele, up to Port Shepstone.

About a hundred years ago, people of Indian origin, Sri Lankans, Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshis came to Lesotho and started to do business in the northern districts, particularly Butha Buthe.

Those people, have since spread to all corners of Lesotho, owning largest portions of prime business sites in most towns, particularly Butha Buthe, Leribe, Teyateyaneng, Mapoteng, Maputsoe, Maseru and Mafeteng.

Independence saw the introduction of Asians of Chinese origins, particularly, the Taiwanese. They first came as rice farming supervisors, then got into business, the first modern day cement block manufacturer in Lesotho was Mr Lai, from Taiwan.

From there, they got into filling stations and grocery enterprises. They have since taken over the whole of Lesotho, in terms of business. Though they cannot speak Sesotho, fluently, they operate business even in the remotest parts of the kingdom.

Indians, are back, this time around, they sell used Japanese vehicles in every corner and available space in the capital Maseru and they seem to be doing pretty well.

The way I see things, now that Basotho have been ousted from business, it won’t be long before the Chinese and Indians merge to form a political movement that will oust, indigenous Basotho from government.

It happened in Uganda before the rule of Idi Amin, it happened in Peru not so long ago, it is happening in Fuji Islands. Dr Ntsu Mokhehle used to say, Egypt was once a land of black African, but a steady invasion of the Arabic peoples has turned it into a fully fledged Arabic state.

Basotho, men and women let us rise and ensure that if we cannot reverse this situation by this time in 2018 we would have at least stopped it by then.

Lesotho immigration laws and criminal justice systems favours anybody who has money and is bend on putting Basotho under, by any means necessary, through unscrupulous ways.