Mxolisi Nxasana case relevant to the one of Lesotho Chief Justice

Lesotho—The case of Mxolisi Nxasana, SA’s former Director of National Prosecution Agency an equivalent of Lesotho’s Director of Public Prosecutions is as relevant to the case of both our Chief Justice and our former DPP.

Our DPP, Mr Leaba Thetsane was pressurised to take a buyout package just like Nxasana. He did bow down to the pressure, a thing which the SA Concourt has ruled as wrong.

Similarly, the government of Lesotho is hell-bent on pushing our Chief Justice Nthomeng Majara to accept a buyout package.

This, against Article 155(4)(a) of the Constitution of  lesotho which clealy shows that the Executive has no “power to require a Judge … to retire from the public service”.

“Consequently, any negotiations directed at securing the exit of the CJ is an act in fragrant violation of the Constitution abbeted by those who are enjoined to protect it.” Says legal experts.

Ms Nthomeng Majara has been resisting the offer on the basis of constitutionality, but sources closer to the higher echelons of power allege that she is now showing signs of fatigue; she may bow down to pressure, reason being the SADC facilitation team does not seem  to have enough coura to knock sense into government to respect negotiated settlements as recorded in the Memorundum of Understanding of October 16 instant, signed by Deputy PM Monyane Moleleki and Official Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathibeli Mokhothu. RK.