Mokhothu lashes at government of Lesotho

Lesotho—Mathibeli Mokhothu, MP leader of the official opposition has written to Justice Dikgang Moseneke on governments dragging of feet regarding the implementation of Article Four of a memorandum of understanding of October 16 instant, between a coalition of government parties and a coalition of opposition parties in parliament.

Mr Mokhothu says the government’s shattering silence on the e-instatement of Chief Justice Nthomeng Majara is worrying.

Another bone of contention, says the opposition leader, is that ‘over the past few days we attempted to press government to gazette the National Dialogue Planning committee (NDPC) as we indeed feel that apart from it being part of the resolution of the National Leaders forum and the recently concluded agreement between ourselves and government, it is the right thing to accord the committee credibility through a government gazette.’

He says, instead, ‘government opted to bring forth a hurried bill in the National Assembly without consultation and agreement with other stake-holders. Secondly, the bill violated the principles agreed on the framework document and the MoU. Because we are anxious to legitimize the NPDC, we tried to negotiate a few amendments on the bill and let it pass. Even when we sought to block the bill, the ruling used their numerical strength to push it through parliament.’

It has therefore been his submission that ‘parliament must be stopped from violating negotiated agreements because the negotiations will be meaningless and will lose their integrity. This principle must be defended at all costs.’

Mr Mokhothu in a two paged letter copied to both The Sadc Executive Secretary in Gaberone, botwana and to the Sadc Oversight Chairman in Lesotho, added that ‘some government ministers and the Attorney General have instigated members of the public to challenge the MoU in court and we have learned that papers have been filed in court but as a party to the agreement we have not yet been served.’

He has pled, through that letter to Justice Moseneke, saying this matter has been brought to the attention of the Deputy chairman of the Oversight Committee, Ambassador Pepani relating to a series of public statements made over several radio stations by some government ministers, Attorney General as well as the Director of the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Offences on the credibility of the Agreement signed on October 16 instant.’

Such public statements, says he are intended to discredit both Process, your good selves and your team and the whole Sadc efforts at this critical stage in the Reforms Process. RK.