Coalition of Lesotho Opposition Parties urge government on the closure of MOAFRIKA FM

Lesotho—Leader of Lesotho’s official opposition have written to Minister of Communications demanding technical information, regarding the now two months of MOAFRIKA FM RADIO on the pretext of the ministry’s expansion project of the country’s private radio stations.

Mr Mathibeli Mokhothu, MP, in a letter dated November 2, 2018 says, ‘pursuant to article 17 of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Government and opposition parties they are proposing that the disruption of MOAFRIKA FM for alleged expansion project be subjected to technical verification exercise by experts.’

He has suggested therefore ‘that a group of experts be allowed to meet with the service provider in charge of the expansion project to find out why MOAFRIKA FM is the only affected radio by the project.’

The letter copied to Sadc Oversight Committee proposes Thursday of this week, to be set aside for the exercise in which the opposition shall participate. The letter has at the time of writing and publishing of this blog not yet responded to. RK.