Only 2 full days left to the protest march

Basotho shall, in their tens and hundreds and thousands, march on the minister of communications, Thesele ‘Masturbate, come Thursday, this week to petition him to restore operations of Moafrika to before September 7, instant.

This, follows an arbitrary closure of Moafrika FM Radio in most parts of the country by acting minister of communications, Tefo Mapesela as he then was, on September 7 instant.

Moafrika is the largest broadcaster in the kingdom of Lesotho. It is privately owned.

It is the darling of most Basotho, across the political and religious divide, because of their disciplined yet robust editorial independence.

Moafrika, has since the installation of the four party coalition, led by prime minister Thomas Thabane been attacked from all angles by government and the supporters of the coalition parties.

Misa-Lesotho,  Committee for the Protection of Journalists and Amnesty International have all voiced their concerns on thsee state of affairs.

Moafrika has won all cases levelled against them by this regime, yet government is hellbent to have it erased from the broadcasting map of the kingdom.

Moafrika is spending more money on fighting legal battles as opposed to it’s development. It is evident that unless a miracle happens, Moafrika FM Radio shall, in a very short space of time, die a natural death.

The nation needs the station more, in this time of the SADC sanctioned, Constitutional Reforms, to participate in an informed manner.

Moafrika needs financial and political support from local and international communities to survive. Please help.