Maseru police have released permit protest march

Maseru urban police have released a permit allowing concerned listeners of MOAFRIKA FM RADIO to march peaceful on the minister of communications, Thursday this week in protest of the now seven weeks arbitrary closure of the kingdom’s largest radio station.

The permit, signed by the chief of Maseru urban police has stipulated the following conditions for the march organisers to observe: “You are expected to maintain peace and tranquillity through the activity, no illegal objects are expected in all activity, each organiser shall be held responsible for any disorder that may arise, you are expected to observe time schedule as appear in application, and, organisers and all people attending procession or meeting should note that in terms of section 5 of meeting and procession Act No. 14 of 2010, if one of the conditions or all are not obeyed such meeting will be unlawful and police will disperse such meeting/procession.”

The permit now in the hands of Mrs ‘Makhatebe Maope directs the protest march to follow the following route: Sethala sa Mopapa, John Paul II Road via Katlehong into Mpilo Boulevard then Moshoeshoe Statue Park. The protest is authorised to take place between 09:00 and 15:00.

Protest marchers are expected to descent on the capital Maseru from all corners of the kingdom and from all persuasions, political and apolitical, all of them demanding the station that allowed them freedom of expression as provided by the national constitution and many international instruments. RK.