Mojakhomo family disapproves the 12th SCCA Summit

Lesotho—The family of one Mrs ’Makarabo Mojakhomo, has written to Mrs Neo Jane Masisi, wife of the President of Botwana, one of the attendants of the 12th SCCA summit in Maseru, Lesotho this week, expressing their disappointment, that she and other African first Ladies deemed it fit to attend the summit which conferred the chairmanship of the esteemed cancer organisation on Mrs ’MaEsaea Thabane, the wife of the prime minister of Lesotho.

The letter is based on their sister and next of kin’s disappearance in the hands of Lesotho police on the day she was to be taken to a magistrate court, allegedly for having defrauded the Trust Fund of the kingdom’s First Lady.

The family letter says: “Mrs Thabane has one of her employees, ’Makarabo Mojakhomo, whom she opened a fraud case against, and was detained by the police at Police Headquarters, but disappeared from custody and has never been seen to date.

“The family applied for Habeas Corpus with the High Court where Mrs Thabane has been subpoenaed to appear; but on two occasions when she was expected to appear has failed; providing vague reasons. This gives us as the family the impression that she does not take this matter seriously, but importantly Mrs ’MaEsaea Thabane does not take women issues at heart.”

They have as a result, appealed to Mrs Masisi and all first ladies of Africa to take this matter with the government of Lesotho, during their stay in the kingdom. RK.