The police are on a manhunt for the writer of an online newspaper called Hoatiti News.

The search for the writer of this page began immediately after publishing the corruption scandal involving Honorable Thesele ‘Maseribane and one Aaron Banks from the UK.

A task force was set up yesterday and suspects are been profiled. They will begin to be called this afternoon to appear at various police holdings.

It is suspected that Hoatiti is also the administrator of a group called countdown to elections 2018 to 2023. Hoatiti is linked with the Congress parties and is believed to have strong networks of informers.

The police are aware that Hoatiti is likely to break another story that implicates the prime minister and some of his family members in the scandal.

The police basically want to silence Hoatiti because he is talking matters that they claim are sensitive to the national security.

Commissioner Holomo Molobeli was summoned to the state house yesterday to be instructed to set up the team under DCP Paseka Mokete and likely to be led by ACP Lebajoa.

The matter is already receiving international attention as it is not clear how exposing corruption is becoming a sensitive national security matter.