08-08-2017 marked a historic secret ballot in South African parliament, for the fellow South Africans, the likes of the Basotho politics plus the political champions of the world, breathed the chilly weather and headed to the motion of no confidence to the President of South Africa [Jacob Zuma], the one mostly who survived on a slim margin of the turnout of about 198 votes versus 177 votes, that were strategically meant to oust Zuma.

That happened after the constitutional court ruled out that, the discretion on the voting processes and procedures in the National Assembly is vested squarely on the shoulders of Madam Speaker [Baleka Mbete], on whether the voting process should be in the form of secret ballot or an open voting.

The motive behind was, the controversial reshuffle of finance ministers Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas, to abandon talks with foreign investors in the United Kingdom [UK] and United States of America [USA] respectively, it was without argument that, the action brought an economic crisis in South Africa, as the country [South Africa] was downgraded to the junk status.

President Jacob Zuma is popularly  known for 783 corruption activities, that include among  others, arms deal, remedial action on his special home at Nkandla, and not only that but also the allegations regarding  skeptical business partners of his son [Duduzane].The family AKA Guptas who are suspected to be profiteering from the misery of millions of South Africans, and that was a clear indication that he [Zuma], the Guptas and the rest of the accused government ministers and officials who are thought to be benefiting unduly, committed different offences concerted with one another.



In the scenario of Lesotho, Prime Minister [PM] Pakalitha Mosisili by then, lost motion of no confidence to him as a premier badly on the 01-03-2017, the motion that was proposed by the lawmakers in parliament [lower House], the same sentiment explained itself that, the coalition between Former PM Motsoahae Thabane, Monyane Moleleki and the two minor party leaders would join forces in an effort to defeat the common enemies [Mosisili and his allies].

Charles Fogelman made it clear that: Unsurprisingly, the second coalition and hopefully the third in waiting shall collapse before the end of the term, he was adamant that, the fresh elections seemed not to solve any of the Kingdom’s deeper problems that relate to the policy making processes in Lesotho. He further speculates that, policy in Lesotho is often dictated by forces from outside the country. Among the foreign policies made from the governmental agencies and regional co-operation bodies-Thus leave Lesotho top politicians relatively powerless.

Fogelman is also worried about squabbles over leadership in Lesotho, that is rarely about substantive political difference, but produce real outcome. Soldiers, police, security guards, musicians and defenseless civilians have all been killed because of the ongoing political tension. Making the situation worse, the current premier [Thabane] has launched what is associated to be massacre, notable when he ordered the police to assault or brutally punish suspects when they are not at the disposal of the witnesses. With this being the case, suspects are severely tortured while some die in the hands of police.

Dlangamandla F. and Nhlabathi H. argued that: The prospect of Thabane’s return to the position of the premiership after the elections sparked fears in the diplomatic circles, it is without doubt that, celebration of Basotho over the victory of Thabane on the said elections could amount to handing of power to the questionable Guptas’ family, who allegedly funded his election campaign.

City Press described Thabane’s campaign as the most  well-funded among the contestants with fleet of branded vehicles used to ferry the leader and his team. Thabane campaigners managed to buy adverts space on the big billboards along Maseru main King ‘s way Road and outshone opponents with branded events, T.shirts, give away and campaign materials, leaflets and manifestos.

Both Thabane and Zuma, the gentlemen who are rumored to be good friends,  have always been vocal in dealing with the following matters; Fighting and uprooting corruption at all forms, crime prevention, fully participating against homicide at all levels, but subject to that, their actions speak a different language altogether, let alone a sizable number of people who are murdered on politically motivated killings during their regiment, their debatable relationship with the Guptas, an attempt to crime prevention that is implemented in an irrational manner, subhuman and dangerous to our democratic dispensation.



Selomi is a qualified teacher by profession, who is currently teaching across the country [Lesotho], in one of the NGO schools. Research in Social Sciences Disciplines, is now becoming his service to the community as a whole.





Justice Makara presides over Mosisili, Moleleki civil matter

justice-makaraJustice Molefi Makara has postpone the civil matter between Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili and others against Mr Monyane Moleleki and others to Thursday, December 1, 2016, at 11h00 for hearing.

Makara said the matter which is based on the constitution of the Democratic Congress party over which Mosisili and Moleleki are fighting bitterly over its leadership is written in the vernacular Sesotho language, whereas the High Court uses English as the official language.

Motiea Teele, KC for the applicants asked the court to seek the assistance of a legally qualified interpreter. The judge granted the request. A junior lawyer from the ranks of the respondent’s counsel, Tumisang Mosotho was then appointed court interpreter, for this case.

No order was made against of for the forthcoming Democratic Congress party’s December 2-4, 2016 Special National Conference, convened by party leader to come and deal the ensuing debacle, that, according to Mosisili, is threating a peaceful existence of the party. So the preparations for the august meeting have gone into over drive.

The conference shall have the power to discipline or expel Moleleki and company from the party, which is likely to happen should that conference proceed.

Mr Moleleki and Dr Thabane, last week Thursday, November 24, 2016 signed an agreement for a Government of National Unity, that would if successful will put all parties in parliament into one huge government. no opposition.

Mosisili is very much against that, saying Moleleki has no constitutional power to take the party that far without his consent and the consent of the party, hence the weekend meeting. RK.



Nyeoe e lipakeng tsa benghali Dr Pakalitha Mosisili, Serialong Qoo le ba bang khahlanong le Benghali Monyane Moleleki, Ralechate ’Mokose le ba bang e neng e lokela ho qala ha hora ea bobeli e fetile ka metsotso e mashome a mararo e hlalosoa e kanna ea tsoelapele ka Labone la beke eona ena.

Tlhaloso ea ba bang ba e ileng ka khotla e re ho utloahala kajeno ho ne ho sebetsanoa le tlhahlobo ea litokomane tsa nyeoe, ho e hlophela letsatsi la ho buuoa ha eona.

Lebohang Maketa oa MOAFRIKA FM RADIO o re liakhente li re ho utloahala e ka ke hona ho ntseng ho tsomanoa le baahloli ba ka mamelang nyeoe ena e bonahalang e ka e tla fetoha e koalang ngoaha ena, batho ba e keresemeseng ba hatela holimo ha ba bang ba tla be ba sulafaletsoe, ba bile ba itakaletsa lefu.

O re nyeoe ena e hlalosoa e se e tla nka sebopeho sa nyeoe ea molao oa motheo, e seng e tloaelehileng ea tsekisano e leng eona ntho e etsang hore e mameloe ke baahloli ba bararo. Litaba tsena li ile moeeng ho ntse ho letiloe, ’me letsatsi le se le sekame haholo.

E ka phetoho e tlamileng Lekhotla ho ipopa ka tsela ena ke nyeoe e sa tsoa akhela ka hona ka khotla ka moo ke boMonghali Moleleki khahlanong le bo Dr Mosisili.

Tabengea puso ea kopanela lipakeng tsa Dr Motsoahae le Mr Moleleki, moo mekha e meng e tlang ho ba baetsana feela, Monghali Kinetso Mathaba oa National Independence party o re o mokha oa habo ha se karolo ea kopano eno, ho hang. Mo mamele Lepholeng la Labobeli hoseng. RK.

Ministers shall be on MOAFRIKA FM Monday early morning.

Messrs Serialong Qoo, ministers of communications and Mathibeli Mokhothu minister of gender are to be on MOAFRIKA FM’s Lephola, the popular early morning talk show.

They are to share information with the electorates on the latest political developments within the troubles Democratic Congress and government. Listeners, as usual, shall have time to ask questions and to comment on their open presentations. The show shall be hosted by Nyakanyaka.

Most importantly, they shall be allaying the fears of those who are planning to attend the Special National Conference of the Democratic Congress to address the impasse that is threatening to destroy their party and of course bring the present seven party coalition, led by their party.

All roads shall be leading to the Lesotho High Court to hear a matter between Dr Pakalitha Mosisili and three others and Mr Monyane Moleleki and eleven others.

Mosisili is the leader of the Democratic Congress, deputised by Moleleki. The gentlemen are fighting over the control of the party that leads the coalition government of seven parties, that was formed subsequent to the 2015 general elections, that failed to present an out right winner.

Moleleki has already signed an agreement that will make a prime minister for 18 months with the leader of the official opposition, Motsoahae Thabane.

The discrepemcy in theagreement however, is that it has included the names of those in government as participating parties in the formation of that pact. Messrs Thulo Mahlakeng of the Basotho Congress Party and Lekhetho Rakuoane of Popular Front for Democracy, both lawyers, have denied ever participating in any forum with Moleleki and Thabane. They regard the agreement as fraudulent in as far as it rubs on their names. RK.

(1) Mosisili in court against Moleleki. (2)The fraudulent agreement of Thabane and Moleleki

Nyeoe ea Dr Pakalitha Mosisili le ba bang ba bane, khahlanong le Monghali Monyane Moleleki, Ralechate ’Mokose le ba bang ba leshome e tla kena ka khotla bo-esa, moo khang e leng ho amoha Komiti e Kholo thepa ea DC.

Har’a lithapelo tsa mokokoti oa Lekhotla, ho na le tse reng Komiti e Kholo e khalemmeloe ho ‘’na e buisana le sechaba ka litaba tsa DC ho fihlela nyeoe eo e fihletse khutlo ea eona.

Hape, o kopa hore Komiti e Kholo e laeloe ho khutlisa setempe sa phathi, lipampiri tsa ho ngola, tse nang le matšoao a DC, ho bolelloa le thepa e ’ngoe e ngata, ’me Lekhotla le Phahameng le tiise pehelo ka thoko e etselitsoeng litho tse ling tsa Komi e Kholo ea DC, ho fihlela kamor’a Seboka sa mafelo a beke e tlang. RK.


Tokomane e saenetsoeng e le tumellano ea ’Muso oa Kopanelo ea Benghali Motsoahae Thabane le Monyane Moleleki e haelloa ke motekeno oa boetellipele ba mekha e meng e kolokisitsoeng ho eona, etsoe e sa hlahelle moralong oa botonakholo le botlatsi ba tonakholo bo tlang ho kapisanoa lipakeng tsa Thabane le Moleleki.

Mekha e kolokisitsoeng feela e sa tekeneloa ke Basutoland Congress Party, Lesotho People’s Congress, National Independence Party, Marematlou Freedom Party, Popular Front for Democracy le Lesotho Congress for Democracy.

Monghali Lekhetho Rakuoane, ka boemo ba hae e le moetellipele oa PFD e leng setho sa Khokanyanaphiri o re ho fosahetse hore lebitso la bona le kenyellelitsoe lethathamong la batšehetsi ba selekane sa Thabane le Moleleki, ha ba ikamahanye le sona.

Lehakoe la Litaba le hlotsoe ho fumana boetellipele ba mekha e meng e hlahang mona feela e sa saenela selekane sena. Empa, ba se ba ka itahlela nakong ea ho qapolloa ha litaba, ba fana ka lehlakore la mokha ka mong. Ends.


Basotho ba re Tumellano ea Puso ea Thabane le Moleleki ke Toro ea Faro. Mosisili le ba bang ba balehetse khotla khahlanong le bo-Moleleki



Benghali Pakalitha Mosisili, serialong Qoo, ’Mamphono Khaketla le ’Maphakiso Moseme ba balehetse lekhotleng le phahameng ho ea kopa tsireletso khahlanong le Benghali Monyane Moleleki, Ralechate ’Mokose le litho tse ling tsa Komiti e Kholo ea Potoana.


Kopong ea bona e potlakileng, ba kopa Lekhotla hore le koale molomo oa baikarabelli, ba khaotse ho etsa liphatlalatso ka lebitso la DC ho fihlela nyeoe e mametsoe e bile e oele.


Bona batho bao, ba laeloe ho khutlisa thepa ea ofisi ea DC e matsohong a bona ka phoso eleng setempe, lipampiri tsa ho ngola tse nang le mats’oao a mokha le thepa e ’ngoe feela e ho bona. Ho feta moo, Lekhotla le kopiloe hore tiise behelo ka thoko ee ba e etselitsoeng ke moetapele oa mokha oo a ipapisitse le lipehelo tsa motheo oa DC, ’me ba lefe litšenyehelo tsohle tsa nyeoe.


Ho sale joalo, DC e kopetse makoloi a eona a mabeli polokeho le tšireletso kahar’a jarete ea sepolesa sa Toropo ea Maseru, ho tloha maobane, e re e tšaba hore litho tse beheletsoeng ka thoko li tloha li ikhapela tsona.


Dispol Motlatsi Mapola o re o li amohetse tlas’a lipehelo tsa molao oa sepolesa o reng o mong oa mesebetsi ea sepolesa ke ho sireletsa maphelo a batho le thepa ea bona. RK.


Bakhethi ba Basotho ba re tumellano ea Puso ea Benghali Motsoahae Thabane le Monyane Moleleki ke ntho e ke keng ea phethahala hobane e hanana le lipehelo tsa Molao oa Motheo oa naha ena, moo e reng monna ka mong o tla busa likhoeli tse leshome le metso e robeli, a siele e mong. Ba re molao oa naha o re ’muso o lokela ho nka bonyane lilemo tse hlano ntle le ha o ka heletsoa ke paramente ka tšisinyo ea ho hloka tsepo ho tonakholo.


Le ha hole joalo, ba itse ba hopola hor Toro ea Faro e ne e phethahala, e leng hore le eena ea banna ba babeli e ntse e ka phethahala ha feela ba ka fumana Josefa ho ba manollela eona le ho ba thusa phethahatsong ea eona, etsoe ea Thabane e se e ne e phethahala ea mpa ea fokolisoa ke hona ho hloka Josefa ho fihlela e mo oetse holimo.


Taba e kholo lenaneong e bile ho khalemo lipima tsa likobiso tse binoang ke mabatooa le ke bacha ba mekha ka ho fapakana, ka ha pina e ke e khutla ha batho ba se ba utloana, e leng taba e tlang ho lula e baka makukunu.


Mehlala e bile ea lipina tse neng li binoa ke DC ka Mothejoa Metsing, li mo khoba-khoba, ha ka lehlakoreng le leng li ne li khoba Motsoahae Thabane joale e le mona oona mokha oo, o se o ikarotse ka bona banna bao.


Ka mokhoao joalo, ho ile ha fumaneha hore ABC e kile ea qapa pina e neng e khoba-khoba Monyane Moleleli, e mo supa likoli-koli, kajeno ha e se e lokela ho sebetsa le eena, e se e keke ea hlola e thabela ho utloa lipina tseo.


E ’ngoe ea litaba tse ileng tsa betsoa ka majoe ke bakhethi, ke see bohanyetsi bo se kopileng ho Moifo oa Sadc o neng o le Lesotho bekeng ena, e leng ’muso oa kopanela ea mekha eohle. Bakhethi ba itse ho e-na le ho etsa joalo, ho ka mpa ha thehoa paramente ea Sechaba moo lipolotiki li ka bang le boemeli, empa sechaba ka libopeho tse fapakaneng tsa sona li ka kenang ka eona tsela eo.



Ho tla mathoa mpetleke ka mona ka DC; moetellipele o momme bebebe; ngoana oa nkhono ‘Manthonyana ha a sana borapelo.


Temana ea 3.2.1 ea molao oa Motheo oa lekhotla la Puso ea Sechaba (DC) e re:
“Seboka sa Tšohanyetso, se khethehileng, sa lekhotla se tla bitsoa ka qeto ea o mongo a methati e latelang, ka bomong ba oona:
a) Seboka se Seholo
b) Seboka sa Boetapele
c) Moetapele oa Lekhotla
d) Komiti e Kholo
e) Se tla bitsoa ka tšusumetso ea Mabatooa a Leshome ………”

Ho feta moo, Temana ea 5.3.1 e lokolisa matla le mesebetsi ea Moetapele, har’a tse ling, e le:
a) Ho sebeletsa le ho sireletsa lebitso la Lekhotla
f) Ho bitsa Seboka se Seholo se Khethehileng ha a bona ho hlokahala, haholo ha lekhotla le le tsietsing;
k) Ho alosa tšebetso ea komiti e Kholo le Litho ka kakaretso”.

Ke ipapisitse le litemana tsena tsa 3.2.1 (c) le 5.3.1 (a) (f) le (k), tseo ke li qotsitseng mona kaholimo , ke fihletse qeto ea ho bitsa Seboka se Khethehileng sa Lekhotla la rona la DC. Seboka sena se tla lula Maseru, ’Manthabiseng Convention Centre, ho qala ka Labohlano la la 2 ho isa ka Sonataha sa la 4 Tšitoe 2016.

Taba ea bohlokoa, e khethehileng, eo Seboka sena se e biletsoang ke ho tla hlahloba le ho etsolla tšebetso ea litho tse ling tsa Komiti e kholo eo maikutlong a ka e behileng lekhotla  la rona la DC tsietsing: ho tla nkela Komiti ena e Kholo likhato tse matla tsa khalemo liqetong le liketsong tsa eona tse kotsi Lekhotleng, tse senyang lebitso le letle la DC lipolotiking tsa Lesotho, ho balekane ba rona pusong, esita le Machabeng.

Mehlala e ’meli feela ea liqeto tse malimabe tsa litho tsena tsa Komiti e kholo tseo ke buang ka tsona ke ena:

1) ‘Polelo ea Komiti e Kholo ea Lekhotla la Puso ea Sechaba (Democratic Congress) Mabapi le boitokollo ba Lekhotla la DC Pusong ea Khokanyan’a Phiri’. Polelo ena e phatlalalitsoeng ’mokeng oa boralitaba e bolela ha Komiti e Kholo ea DC tulong ea la 10 Pulungoana 2016, e nkile qeto ea ho hula hang hang Lekhotla la DC Pusong ea kopanelo e tsebahalang ka ‘Letšoele le Beta Poho’ kapa ‘Khokanyan’a Phiri’.

2) Mohlala oa bobeli ke moo ’mokeng oa boralitaba o mong, litho tse ling tsa Komiti e Kholo li phatlalalitseng hore li tehetsa mongoli e moholo ha ka thoko ho taolo ea eona Komiti kapa kananelo ea Moetapele, a phatlalatsa li-ea-le-moeeng hore DC ha e ikamahanye le mohoanto o neng o bontša tšepo ho Tona-kholo le ’Muso oa Khokanyan’a Phiri. Mahamo a ntlha tsena bobeli a ntla manolloa ka botlalo Sebokeng. Seo nka se bolelang mona ke hore litaba tsena bobeli tseo ho thoeng li entsoe ke Komiti e Kholo, ’Na ke le Moetapele oa DC le Molula-Setulo oa Komiti e Kholo ha ke li tsebe! Li entsoe bosieong ba ka, liphuthehong tse sa reroang ke ’na le Mongoli e Moholo.

Joaloka ha boikarabelo ba Moetapele, har’a tse ling, e le “Ho sebeletsa le ho sireletsa lebitso la Lekhotla  (Sheba 5.3.1 (a)); le “Ho alosa tšebetso ea Komiti e Kholo……” (Sheba 5.3.1 (k)), ke tlameha ho ipiletsa ho Seboka se Seholo se Khethehileng. Ke sona se ka kenang lipakeng, sa khalema sa namolela le ho pholosa DC, ha e le mona Komiti e Kholo, eo ke leng Molula-Setulo oa liphutheho tsa eona, e se e kopana ka thoko ho ’na; e etsa liqeto tse kholo , e bile e li phatlalatsa ’Na ke sa li tseba.

Taba ea ho qetela eo ke le hopotsang eona ke Sebopeho sa Seboka se Seholo se Khethehileng. Eona e laoloa ke Temana ea 3.2.4 (a) ea Molao oa Motheo. E re:
“Borumuoa ba Seboka sena, bo tla ahoa ka botho ba seboka se Seholo se etellang pele selemo sa Seboka, ’me nyollo ea borumuoa bo joalo e tla phetheloa bonyane beke pele ho Seboka”.

Sena se bolela hore lipalo kapa lenane la borumuoa Sebokeng sena se tlang le Lekane le sa noromuoa ba Seboka se Seholo se fetileng, e leng sa Pherekhong 2015. Hape e bolela hore nyollo ea boromuoa boo e phetheloe bonyane ka la 26 Pulungoana. Hlokomelang bohlokoa ba ho nepa litokisetso tsa Seboka sena, ’me le phethe tsohle ka khotso.


Ke ’na oa lona kannete

PAKALITHA Bethuel Mosisili, MP

Minister Monyane Moleleki and four others resign from government

Four ministers, Monyane Moleleki who is also deputy leader of the Democratic Congress, Ralechate ‘Mokose the DC’s secretary general, Mokhele Moletsane, Kotiti Liholo and ‘Manthabiseng Phohleli, today, vacated their ministerial seats in parliament and took back seats.

This follows a dramatic press conference yesterday where Moleleki announced the withdrawal of his party from the seven member coalition government in which their party has majority.

Left-Right: Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili and Mr Monyane Moleleki just resigned minister in to Office of The Prime Minister.

Swords are now drawn against the long time political buddies, Mosisili and Moleleki. Each man should now fight for his own survival. Mosisili has survived many similar attempts even attempts on his life since he took office in 1998. Moleleki have also survived an alleged assassination attempt; he blamed his now political buddie Thomas Thabane leader of the main opposition All Basotho Convention party.

On Wednesday, prime minister Pakalitha Mosisili reshuffled cabinet and dismissed four ministers from his party in an effort to contain a situation that may lead to the dissolution of government, after the self exiled leader of the main opposition announced in the press that “a deal has been closed between his party and the faction led by Mr Moleleki” to form a new coalition government in which Thomas Thabane shall be a prime minister with Moleleki taking the deputyship.

Monate oa puo ea Sesotho

Puo ea Sesotho ka Labobeli e sibollotse mantsoe a tšoanang ka mongolo le ka molumo empa a sa bolele ntho e le ’ngoe, ho tlamang baithuti le babui ba Sesotho ho lemoha manoni a ho sona.

Mantsoe ao, ke Ho itela, ho itella, ho tela le ho tella ’me Basotho ba ile ba a hlalosoa joana: Ho itela e ka ba ho ikakhela ka setotsoana tabeng, tšebetsong, papaling, ntoeng le ha e se le hokae feela, ho itela hoo, ba re ho ka ba molemo kapa ha hlahisetsa moiteli kotsi.

Ho itella hona ho hlalositsoe e le ho ikhalala kapa ho inyenyefatsa empa motho eo, a ntse a e-na le litsebo, bohlale, matla le ha e se e le neo e itseng e ka mo ntšetsang pele kapa ea ntlafatsa batho ba bang, empa hona ho itela le ho itella, ho ka etsoa molemong oa batho ba bang, ke motho ea ba utloelang bohloko.

Ho tela hona, ho hlalositsoe e le kamohelo ea tlholo, ho e-na le ho ipolaisa lefu la pelo le senya likamano tsa motho eo le batho ba bang. Mohlala oa ba oa etsoa ka monna ea neng a qetelle a tetse mosali oa hae ea neng a matha le e mong botoneng ba ’muso, ’me ho tela hoo, ha mo tsoalla molemohali. 

Ho tella hona, ho utloahetse e le ho nyenyefatsa ba bang, kapa ho fana ka se neng se loketse uena ho e mong kapa ba bang ba fokolang, bao ntle le hore u ba telle sa hao, ba neng ba ka qetella ba sa fumana letho le molemo. Mohlolohali oa Sarepta, bibeleng, e bile mohlala oa taba eo. O ne a telle moprofeta Elia lijo tsa hae tsa ho qetela, athe ka ho etsa joalo, o ipitsetsa lehlohonolo la nako e telelele. RK.