Initiates trained on crafts and the law

Lesotho—History was made in Lesotho, Friday when a group of six male initiates arrived home after spending seven months in the bush where they were being inducted into manhood.


At their graduation ceremony, Saturday their “father” Rev Mohau Maphephe said they have been trained in the basics of leather craft, criminal procedure and evidence, local law and chieftainship, the bible and discipleship of Christ as well as agriculture.


In the picture above, the initiates are seen standing proudly next to the sandals, belts and bags made during their initiation. 

Rev Maphephe said respect of local authority, which comprises of chiefs and local councillors as well as families was of paramount importance in their induction.


Government officials from Home Affairs, Police Department, Department of Forestry assisted on the training.

An old mountain bicycle means a lot to most Basotho enthusiasts

Lesotho: The man in the picture, Eketsang Suthisi travelled in a taxi all the way from the northern district of Butha Buthe to receive the bicycle he never dreamed of owning in a thousand years.


The bicycle was donated to the young man by MOAFRIKA LIFE CYCLE who had bought it from a local bicycle mechanic for M1,500.00. The initial prize was M2,500.00, but understanding the reasons for the purchase, Mr Lethusang Ntili slashed M1,000.00 off the machine.


On his way back home on Thursday, May 26, 2016, Mr Suthisi cycled the more than 100km highway for eleven hours, with only a loaf of bread as his provision. We pray and hope this article will touch the hearts of Good Samaritans to donate bicycles to Lesotho, to be distributed to boys and girls such as Mr Eketsang Suthisi.20160525_154427

Mr Suthisi, posing for a picture in one of Maseru’s parks with his new found medal and rubber companion.

MOAFRIKA-Makhalaneng Winter MTB Challenge

Lesotho—After the successful and memorable MOAFRIKA HEROES CHALLENGE, Lesotho cyclists have begun to oil their machines ready for MOAFRIKA-MAKHALANENG Winter MTB Challenge, to take place in the foothills of the district of Maseru halfway to Semonkong, some 50km out of the capital Maseru.


The one day race is scheduled for Sunday, July 17, 2016. Details to be announced in due course. Watch the space.


The beautiful valley gets its name from a Makhalaneng river that runs, crystal clear water,  part of which is diverted to the National University of Lesotho.



The event is organised by MOAFRIKA LIFE CYCLE a cycling association whose main reason for existence is to Promote good health, adventure, tourism and sport through bi-cycling.


However, many would be cyclists are held back by family poverty, a main contributing factor, which can only be overcome by Good Samaritans, by contributing bicycles to the Association for distribution into the communities.


As you can see, MOAFRIKA LIFE CYCLE is bend on developing young talent. Your donations shall be highly appreciated.

Mochoboroane to light the whole of Leribe and Butha Buthe

Butha Buthe—Lesotho: Minister Selibe Mochoboroane’s drive to take electricity to the remotest parts of the Kingdom of Lesotho before the next general election seems unstoppable.


Today, the minister of energy and meteorology was at Ha Selomo, Butha Buthe to announce blanket electrification of the northern districts of Leribe and Butha Buthe from the Badea fund, which his predecessors failed to access over the years.

Mochoboroane turns electricity into a human rights commodity

Minister of Energy and Meteorology, Selibe Mochoboroane, MP has changed the rural Basotho’s worldview regarding electricity. He has turned the commodity that not so long ago was regarded a privilege for the lucky few, the rich and the politically connected into a must for each and every voter, even in the deep valleys of the mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho.


In the pictures above, the man from Thabamorena constituency is seen celebrating with the residents of seven villages from Makhalaneng in the foothills of the famous Maloti range of mountains, along the way to Qacha’s Nek and Semonkong.

Also, in the pictures are happy villagers and school kids dancing with the most popular minister to date as well as other ministers handing presents from Mochoboroane’s ministry to the community while on the other hand  the community gave seven live sheep and a beautiful, blue blanket and a knob-stick to their celebrity.

Heroes Day cycling championships count-down

The first Lesotho Heroes Day cycling championship is only a few days away, Wednesday, May 25, 2016. To be precise. Will you be there?

The event will take place at the newly created MTB track at Mt Qoatsaneng, a hill adjacent to the kingdom’s new parliament, in the centre of Maseru,  with a view stretching to as far as the eye can see, both in Lesotho and Free State province of South Africa.


Registration is M50.00 for all except for the kids, whose participation shall be taken care of, by the race organisers. Ministry of Sport and Minister of Education will officiate over the event.


Even the uneducated can do engineering

IMG_0558Lesotho minister of energy and Meteorology driven around in an open coupe made from waste material by an illiterate engineer from Maputsoe, some 80km north of the capital Maseru. Minister Selibe Selibe Mochoroane is the one in a white shirt.



Lesotho deputy prime minister, Mr Mothejoa Metsing is also enjoying a free ride from the same car. This man have proven for all to see that you need not be a physicist  to understand a thing or two about engineering.

My everyday meal for good health

Most people suffer from all sorts of ailments, which after I met a renowned specialist physician in Lesotho, I learned that seven percent of them emanate from one’s lifestyle.


I was advised by the specialist that most of the vegetables, should be eaten raw, and, he mentioned a long list of those. By raw, he meant taking the stuff as is from the soil as against in salads and so on and so forth.


The thinking g behind eating raw vegetables is also from the biblical and historic writings that shows that ancient people ate raw vegetables nourished their bodies and protected them against various, seasonal ailments.


10th Lipoho tsa Bochabela Festival in pictures

The tenth year mega music festival that show cases the very best of local musical talent went on well last weekend, Saturday and Sunday attended by all, young and old, male and female.

The first day, though wet and low in temperatures cleared the way for the main day, which was supposed ny and warmer.


Government ministers, led by the deputy prime minister, Mothejoa Metsing spend the whole day, celebrating with their voters and tax payers, even visiting the stalls and buying from them.


The Home Affairs stall was the busiest of all government tents that were there to provide services. Enjoy the images.