Lesotho cyclists win top ten in SA

Three Lesotho cyclists performed extremely well at the South African USA MTB marathon, Pretoria on Saturday. They got positions two and three in the elite and sub-veteren categories, also three in the junior categories.

 In the overall, Teboho Khantse, Phetetso Monese and Tumelo Makae came four, five and seven overall in a race of 500 cyclists.


File Pic. Phetetso Monese in a blue helmet.


File pic. Teboho Khantse in a red and white outfit.


New LPC Exe-co endorsed by Law office

Maseru—-The woes of the minister of Social Development must be mounting subsequent to the endorsement of the rival National Executive Committee of his party, the Lesotho Peoples Congress (LPC), Monday.

Mr Bokang Ramatsella, the hard talking, newly elected Secretary General of the Lesotho Peoples Congress.
On Saturday, February 26, rival factions of the party, held two separate annual general meetings which later purported in resolutions, to have expelled those leading an opposing faction. It goes without saying therefore, that the registration of the committee that was elected at the Lesotho Cooperatives College in Maseru is a clear indication that sooner rather than later, Mr Molahlehi Letlotlo shall be out of the cabinet of the ruling Khokanyanaphiri coalition of seven parties.

At their conference, the Maseru faction resolved amongst others to expel Mr Letlotlo from the party and to advice prime minister, Dr Pakalitha Mosisili, MP to dismiss him from cabinet forethwith. Now that they have prevailed, Mr Bokang Ramatšella, the newly elected secretary general says the new committee has begun a legal action against, Mr Letlotlo and company, an action that may see them in court to answer a case of contempt of court. Ramatšella alleges that the Rothe faction held their conference against the High Court order that had restricted them from convening such a meeting.

The new NEC of the LPC stands as thus: Leader: Mabusetsa Makharilele, deputy leader Moipone Piet, Chairman Sefako Phosisi, deputy chairman Tlali Mohlomi, secretary general Bokang Ramatsella, deputy secretary general Mafereka Tšukulu, treasurer Maphoma Sejanamane, publicity sec Matla Sepitla, deputy publicity secretary Letšoaea Khitšane newspaper editor Mantja Makhahle. Ordinary member are: Kuenane Nkuebe, ’Masekhane Mokoaleli, Sechaba Tšehlana and ’Makopano Mafube.

Composition of The Khokanyanaphiri Governing Coalition is as follows: Democratic Congress, Lesotho Congress of Democracy, Popular Front for Democracy, National Independent Party, Marematlou Freedom Party, Basotholand Congress Party and Lesotho Peoples Congress.



Can the LPC “muvhango” impact negatively on the coalition government?

Over the past weekend, Saturday, February 26, 2016 two warring factions of the Lesotho Peoples Congress (LPC) held annual general meetings to weed out unwanted elements with the national executive committee of the party.

The Rothe meeting, which was convened by the leader of the party, Mr Molahlehi Letlotlo, MP, currently Minister of Social Development claimed to have endorsed the expulsion of eight members of the NEC, among them, party deputy leader, secretary general and his deputy, treasurer, party spokesman and editor of their non-existent newspaper. A new secretary general was subsequently elected, the other seven were co-opted in.

A rival meeting, that was held in the City of Maseru, under the leadership of the deputy leader and secretary general, purported to have expelled party leader and members of the committee who were with him at Rothe.

In their place, a new committee comprising deputy leader, now elevated to the office of the party leader, former secretary general lifted to the office of party deputy leader and deputy secretary made a treasurer whilst the party’s most vocal spokesman was now made party secretary general.

Some critics, have over the electronic media as well as the social networks, been anticipating that the crack within the party is a threat to the smooth existence of the ruling coalition of eight parties of which LPC is a member.

However, a learned thought says what is going on within the LPC is less than a storm in a cup of tea. It can never a negative impact on the coalition of eight because the governing structure is a convention of political parties, not party individuals, no matter their positions in their respective parties.



MOAFRIKA FM RADIO shall, on FridaySaturday, March 11-12, 2016celebrate her 17th year of existence in a spectacular and noisy street carnival and cultural exhibitions, starting from The King Moshoeshoe Statue Park along Kingsway Avenue to Qoatsaneng.

The 16th annual event shall amongst many, showcase the best in Basotho cuisine, dress, dance, crafts, praise and worship from all corners of the kingdom.

Mountain bike cycling shall be introduced for the first time. The preparation of the MTB track with the assistance of Federation of Cycling Lesotho is nearing completion. Minister of Sport, Mr Mathibeli Mokhothu, MP, shall perform the official inauguration of the track that rings around the Qoatsaneng mountain.

Qoatsaneng is the topmost